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Our cocktail stations provide all the needs of a bartender and server compacted into one unit for better efficiency.

Choose from a large variety of high end standard or customizable units to fit your bar and restaurant specifications.

Available in standard or customizable sizes, our oyster bars are designed to accommodate your needs.

One of the recent additions to our growing product line, storage ice bins are also available in standard or customizable sizes.

Another recent addition, these units are the perfect beverage preparation stations.

Available in the standard straight model, L-shape & Drop-in. Can be modified to cater design specifications.

Choose from a variety of bottle coolers, mug frosters and glass chillers. Customizable to design specifications.

We offer a variety of backbar refrigerator units, available in standard or custom sizes.

Remote or self-contained, these units are also available in standard or custom sizes.

Depending on your design requirements, our undercounter units are available as a refrigerator or freezer.

Our self-contained and remote upright refrigerators are available with stainless steel or double pane glass doors. 

All stainless steel constructed, our self-contained chef bases are designed for the most enduring environments.







“Manufacturer of the finest restaurant, underbar & refrigeration equipment”

Refrigerated Self-Service Merchandiser

All stainless steel constructed, our merchandisers are designed to be aesthetically enhancing to the customers needs.

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